5 Habits That Can Add 14 Healthy Years to Your Life, According to Science (reblogged from Blue Zones Project)

Fantastic Blue Zones article on adding healthy years to life – a must-read!



Blue Zones Article: Anti-Aging Benefits of Strength Training

From the Blue Zones Project website:

“Research from the Penn State College of Medicine, the University of Sydney, and Columbia University has determined that regular strength training has major benefits for longevity.”

Read more at: https://www.bluezones.com/2018/03/science-says-older-adults-should-consider-strength-training/?utm_source=Blue+Zones+Newsletter&utm_campaign=747a6d6b3e-Strength-Training-Benefits_2018_03_14&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9642311849-747a6d6b3e-199427041&mc_cid=747a6d6b3e&mc_eid=d02f743176


Blue Zones Project

MINDSET is a proud supporter and admirer of the Blue Zones Project! We are so thankful to be in a city where residents and business owners are focused on improving our well-being, lowering obesity rates, lowering the risk of chronic disease and quitting the use of tobacco products.

The Blue Zones philosophy aligns perfectly with our way of thinking and living at MINDSET, so we have applied to become a Blue Zones approved organization. We are eagerly awaiting our acceptance and cannot wait to start sharing Blue Zone information and hosting Blue Zone events!

To learn more, please visit: https://fortworth.bluezonesproject.com/

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